06 August 2008

Railway ticket office closures criticed by council

30th July 2008
See article on Surrey Advertiser website

PLANS to cut opening hours at train station ticket offices in Surrey have been met with criticism from county hall. South West Trains (SWT) is currently consulting on proposals to cut back services at 27 stations, including Guildford, Milford and Witley.

13 July 2008

Local Code of Conduct - Complaints about Conduct of Councillors

From May 2008, responsibility for considering complaints about the conduct of elected councillors moved from the Standards Board for England to the Standards Committees of Local Councils.

If you have a complaint about the conduct of an elected Member of Waverley Borough Council or a member of one of the town and parish councils in the Borough, you should contact Waverley's Monitoring Officer, Mr Mark Hill, who will be able to tell you about the procedure to be followed in such cases.

You can call Mr Hill on 01483 523240 or email him at mark.hill@waverley.gov.uk.

Further information is available on the Waverley website.

24 June 2008

The new Mayor of Waverley visits Milford Fair

The new Mayor of Waverley, Cllr Len Bate with Councillors from Witley Parish Council - Cllr Joy Hicks, Cllr Julie Grist and Cllr Maxine Gale (Chairman) at the Milford Fair, on June 14, 2008
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25 May 2008

BT have earmarked phoneboxes for removal

Around have of the BT payphones in the Waverley area have been earmarked for removal. These include 33 of the traditional red boxes. BT is undertaking a formal consultation, which closes on 9th June. Visit www.waverley.gov.uk/payphones to submit your views.

Waverley will discuss their response at the Executive meeting on 10tyh June. To see this meeting live, visit www.waverley.goc.uk/webcast.

17 May 2008

Dunsfold Planing Application Number WA/2008/0788

A Planning application is in for Dunsfold Park New Town with 2,600 dwellings for6,350 residents and 3,000+ cars.

The planning application can be seen here.

A large number of people oppose the building of this new town and their views are published at http://dunsfoldparknewtown.com/

If you have concerns, send Waverley your written objections. You must quote their reference - WA/2008/0788. If you want to comment on the planning application online click here

Report on social care services for older people in Surrey

Th Commission for Social Care Inspection publishes reports and a directory of care homes.

Click here to see the December 2004 Surrey County Council report.

Clisk here to see reports on care homes in the Witley area.

Surrey Waste Plan adopted

The Surrey Waste Plan was adopted by Surrey County Council at its meeting of 6 May 2008.

Click here to see full details.

The Surrey Waste Plan, Adoption Statement, Inspectors’ Report, Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Directive Appropriate Assessment April 2008 and post adoption statement, which summarises how sustainability has been taken into account in the plan, may be inspected free of charge at the Waverley Borough Council Offices.

11 May 2008

Witley war memorial flagstones stolen

Published by the Surrey Advertiser, 9th May 2008
Click here to view story

In an overnight attack between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, (6-7 May) thieves removed a large paved area from the Witley war memorial's garden of remembrance.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222 quoting reference WV/08/794. Alternatively Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously and free of charge on 0800 555 111.

Witley census - 2001

The last census revealed that the Parish of Witley (including Milford) had a population of 7703. 6001 people were over 16 and between them they owned 5297 cars or vans meanwhile 322 households in Witley have no car or van at all.

The parish of Witley contained 7703 inhabitants at the last census, or 6.7% of the whole population of Waverley.

To see more, click below.

Witley 2001 Census Information

Sewage reappears in Cherry Tree Road, Milford
Published by the Surrey Advertiser, 25th April 2008

Residents in Cherry Tree Road have suffered another flooding of raw sewage - the eleventh time since January 2006.

20 April 2008

Jeremy Hunt makes debut on YouTube

Our local MP, Jeremy Hunt has started to publish short videos on YouTube. Here he is talking about a recent government decision that Dunsfold should not be a candidate for Government eco-town status:

05 April 2008

Audit Commission assessment for Waverley

The Audit Commission has recently published its annual assessment for Waverley.

The main messages for the Council included in this report are as follows.

* The Council's performance in overall terms has improved in line with most district councils over the past 12 months.

* While significant savings were secured over the past 12 months, the financial outlook for the Council is extremely challenging. Members will need to keep Waverley's financial strategies under review, particularly where reliance is being placed on the use of reserves to finance expenditure plans and maintain a low level of council tax increase.

* The Council has been operating with transitional management structures since April 2006 and has decided that a new Managing Director should be appointed in April 2007. While there is no evidence of any adverse impact on the Council's performance in the short term, the Council will need to ensure that organisational structures are fit for purpose and provide effective community leadership.

* The Council is involved in some major regeneration projects and improvement programmes that require significant senior management expertise to deliver. The financial and managerial capacity of the Council to deliver such projects will need to be kept under close scrutiny.

* The Council will not achieve the targets set for meeting the government's Decent Homes Standard (DHS) by 2010. Officers estimate there is a shortfall in resources available to the Council of £17 million which means that only 58 per cent of stock will have achieved the standard over the next three years. Efforts are being made to find solutions and investment is being prioritised to improve those properties most at risk of further deterioration. Tenants are being kept informed of progress. However, the Council has only limited financial capacity available to improve the standard of its stock.

* Progress in achieving the Council's ambitions for ensuring a high quality of life and socially inclusive communities is mixed. While electronic access to services and disabled access to buildings has improved over the past 12 months, progress is slow in some important areas in that:

- the Council does not yet have an agreed social inclusion strategy (although a strategy is in draft) and no progress has been made in developing an implementation framework for the strategy when it is agreed;

- the Council has assessed itself as achieving Level One of the Equality Standard for Local Government, which is behind Waverley's target and most local authorities for 2005/06; and

- in 2005/06, performance in processing new benefits claims was firmly in the worst quartile of local authorities, which means that the needs of some of the most deprived people in the area were not being met. Recent management reports (in December 2006) highlight that the situation is improving.

* Performance in achieving community safety targets is good and is in the best quartile for Audit Commission Best Value performance indicators.

* Waverley did not meet the government's targets for recycling of household waste (24 per cent was recycled compared to a target of 30 per cent). The Council introduced alternate weekly collection of household waste and recyclables. At the end of January 2007, the Council estimates that recycling levels of up to 40 per cent are being achieved and that improved performance should be reported for the 2006/07 year.

* From a low base, performance in processing planning applications is getting better but remains below the average level for district councils.

* The Council's arrangements for ensuring the quality of data need to be improved, particularly in identifying and providing the training needed for staff involved in data processing.

* The Council is demonstrating better performance in its use of resources. Action was taken in 2006 to enhance arrangements for financial management, internal control and for securing improved value for money. Notably, an Audit Committee was established in September 2006. While it is too early for sustained improvement in performance to be evident in all areas, the Council is well placed to deliver even better performance over the next 12 months.

* The Council continues to prepare accounts which meet the earlier timetable for financial reporting required by the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 and in overall terms, performance has improved compared to previous years. We gave an unqualified opinion on the Council's financial statements for 2005/06.

* The Council demonstrates notable practice in the way it promotes external accountability, producing an annual report that summarises the business of the Council in an accessible way.

Click here to see the latest information published about Waverley by the Audit Commission

11 March 2008

Classic car garage in Witley given permission to be turned into homes

Following a string of planning applications, and an appeal the owner of Baynards Garage has been given permission to demolish the showroom and build new houses on the site.

Click here to see the application.

Decision time on funding for the Waverley webcasts

Waverley's webcast project has been hailed a success, but the EU funding which heavily subsidises the project will come to an end this year.

Click here to see the broadcasts

09 February 2008

Free wireless internet agreed for Godalming town centre

Surrey Advertiser, 6th February

Godalming town centre is set to go wireless as a one-year pilot scheme for free internet access has been given the go-ahead. Waverley Borough Council's Executive committee has agreed to help establish a secure, wireless network covering an area from the railway station to the council offices. The WiFi zone will take in The Pepperpot, High Street, Bridge Street and The Burys.

02 February 2008

Elstead Mill cut off by floodwater

Surrey Advertiser, January 18th, 2008
The River Wey burst its banks beside the low-lying watermill on Tuesday, January 15.

Road repairs online

Surrey motorists will soon be able to find out online when their roads will be repaired. In the meantime you can use this page to report a problem or make an enquiry relating to Surrey's highways.

06 January 2008

Surrey Advertiser coverage of the Tuesley Farm polytunnels

NFU says 'common sense prevails' over polytunnels
Surrey Advertiser, 7th December, 2007

The National Farmers’ Union expressed relief following last week’s decision by Waverley planners to approve the continued use of polytunnels at Tuesley Farm in Milford.
In what was widely regarded as a landmark case, the farm owner, UK soft fruit grower Hall Hunter, was given to the end of this year to remove all the polytunnels on which its business depends. They had been judged as unacceptable within the green belt by the High Court in 2006.

Soft fruit tunnels allowed
Surrey Advertiser, 30th November, 2007

The battle of the polytunnels was concluded on Wednesday night with an overwhelming majority of Waverley planners permitting continued, but reduced coverage, at Tuesley Farm in Milford.

Waverley made planning history in 2005 when it became the first local authority to determine polytunnels constituted development and required planning permission.

Protesters angry over polytunnel U-turn
Surrey Advertiser, 16th November, 2007

Council planners stand accused of executing a major U-turn on green belt policy by recommending approval for polytunnels at Tuesley farm.

It was revealed this week that Waverley borough officers believe the new application submitted by the Hall Hunter Partnership for their Milford based soft fruit business “strikes the right balance between the needs of modern agriculture and the needs of the area”. But the support for the plan has angered campaigners who feel the council has caved in to external pressures and are not fulfilling their obligation to protect the green belt site.

Polytunnel farm accused of ‘smokescreen tactics’
Surrey Advertiser, 12th October, 2007

Campaigners opposing the Hall Hunter Partnership’s application for 20 hectares of polytunnels to protect its crops at Tuesley Farm, Milford, have claimed the company is employing “smokescreen” tactics.

“They want to turn a local landscape issue into a referendum on the soft fruit industry,” said a spokesman for the Tuesley Farm Campaign this week. “They are seeking to force Waverley to abandon its clear and unwavering support for the green belt and the area of great landscape value.

10 December 2007

Mousehill Lane closure plan

Milford residents have launched a protest against a possible road closure. Surrey County Council has just concluded a public consultation proposing to prevent traffic accessing Mousehill Lane from the A 286 and to prevent traffic turning right from Moushill Lane onto the A286.

View a map of Mousehill Lane

09 December 2007

Hall Hunter polytunnel planning application approved

A planning application for up to 20 hectares of polytunnels, existing on a rotational basis within a defined 190 hectares of land at Tuesley Farm, was approved by Waverley Borough Council on 28 November.

The Hall Hunter Partnership wanted the plastic structures for its Tuesley Farm site, near Godalming. It first erected polytunnels in 2004, but a local authority enforcement notice to remove them was backed by a planning inspector and the High Court.

See the Hall Hunter website and the website for the Tuesley Farm Campaign, a group which has been opposing the application.

Waverley recognised as best council in England for reducing landfill

Waverley council in Surrey has been recognised as the best council in England for promoting recycling and reducing the amount of household waste being sent to landfill. Waverley council, which covers Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere, was recognised by Defra for having the “largest decrease in total household waste per head”.

The council has put the success of its waste management and recycling down to its residents and the hard work of the council’s waste management team.

Appeal for extension to All Saints Church

All Saints Church in Witley has launched an appeal for a project that will provide a flexible meeting place within the church, as well as a kitchenette and toilets.

For more information visit the church website at http://www.allsaintswitley.org.uk/ and click on "Building the Future"

Bishop blesses Chandler School refurb

The Bishop of Guildford led an official ceremony to open a new extension to the Chandler Junior School.

The bishop unveiled a plaque, blessed each classroom and lit a candle before the whole school special assembly of blessing and thanksgiving.

Grateful thanks were paid to villagers who had dug deep into their pockets to help raise the £75,000 the school was required to contribute towards the £750,000 scheme.

Visit the Surrey Advertiser for the full story

07 December 2007

Christmas lights in Godalming

Actress Lisa Goddard turned on the lights this year. Eagle Radio were there and have published photographs taken at the event on their website.

17 August 2007

Surrey restrictions must stay in place

Surrey Advertiser, August 18

>>>> Full story here

Stringent restrictions across Surrey to stop the spread of foot and mouth will remain in place into next week, the country’s leading vet has announced. Chief Veterinary Officer Debby Reynolds also warned the next few days would be critical in the work being carried out to contain the outbreak.

25 July 2007

No return to weekly collections

Surrey Advertiser, 20 July

>>>>> Click here to see full story

Waverley Borough Council’s new Tory administration made it clear this week that it has no plans to return to weekly waste and recycling collections. “This council chose to go to alternate weekly collections and we have no plans to revert back to a weekly collection of wheelie bins,” said council leader, Cllr Richard Gates.

Independent councillor Alan Lovell said people were more concerned about the frequency of collections, smells, vermin and the number of bins, and called for a delay in implementing the same day/ catch-up system until agreement was reached on a broader strategy of waste and recycling collections following public consultation.

Cllr Lovell’s proposal was easily defeated, but the opposition kept up its attack, Lib Dem group leader Cllr Ken Reed pointing to Tory election material which highlighted the need for a “workable system that stops our bins smelling in summer”.

Writing's on the wall for graffiti artists
Surrey Advertiser, 20 July

Witley Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC Sam Barnett is appealling for information to track down the perpretators of a recent graffiti attack in the village. Contact PC Barnett on 01483 638878 if you have any information.

18 June 2007

Underwater billiards

As you travel south from Milford to Haslemere, you may spot Milford Lodge Gatehouse. This building marks an entrance to Witley Park, a 500 acre estate which once included a country mansion known as Lea Park. So just who did live in a house like this?

The history of the Witley Park estate dates back to Elizabeth I.

In 1890 Lea Park was sold by then owner, JP J.W.Stone, to an Anglo American called J.Whitaker Wright.

Whitaker had acquired the Manor of Witley, which included Hindhead Common and the Devil's Punchbowl. He renamed the whole estate Witley Park and turned Lea Park into a sumptious mansion, complete with thirty two bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, landscaped gardens, a private theatre, an observatory, 450 acres of land and a domed glass and steel room complete with billiard table, under the artificial lakes!

See the complete story here ..............................

Witley Pantomine Company looking for new players

The Witley Pantomine Company is holding a panto workshop weekend at the Chichester Hall on July 14 and 15. For more information, call 01483 418334 or email elviecarpenter@btinternet.com

Councillor dearth in Thursley

More people are needed to make up a quorum for Thursley Parish Council http://www.thursley.org/

19 May 2007

Waverley appoints new mayor

Cllr Maurice Byham has been elected as Waverley’s new mayor in a ceremony at the Council’s Annual Meeting on 15 May. As Mayor, Cllr Byham will represent the people of Waverley at around 400 engagements in the coming year. His role is non-political, acting as an ambassador for the Council, and he will also chair council meetings.

>>>> see full press release

New Leader of Waverley Borough Council

Cllr Richard Gates has been appointed as The Leader of Waverley Borough Council . One of his commitments:

"We will improve Waverley’s waste collection and recycling performance. We will be judged by whether there is clear evidence of improved customer satisfaction within six months".

Cllr Gates' full statement can be viewed via the internet on a webcast of the Council's Annual Meeting. Visit www.waverley.gov.uk and click on 'Watch council meetings' on the home page.

>>>>> see full press release

Dismay as police officer is relocated
Surrey Advertiser, April 11th

Disappointment was voiced by Witley parish councillors following the news that their neighbourhood specialist officer PC Sam Barnett is being relocated for a few months. Residents of Elstead, Thursley, Milford and Witley should contact Sgt Danielle Mead at Godalming Police Station in the meantime.

04 May 2007

Conservative landside in Waverley

Conservatives take control of Waverley Borough Council:

Conservatives 51 seats
Lib - Democrats 3 seats
Independents 3 seats

Adam Taylor-Smith and Elizabeth Cable have regained their seats in Witley and Hambledon. Both have increased their majorities substantially.

One of the Lib Dems to lose his seat in Farnham Moor Park was Victor Scrivens, the architect of the unpopular fortnightly waste collection. He attracted less than 50% of the vote he got last time.

>>>>> Click here to see the full election results

Fruit farm calls for backing
Surrey Advertiser, May 4th

Following the High Court defeat last September the Hall Hunter partnership, a major supplier of soft fruit to UK supermarkets, is actively seeking suport from neighbouring communities for a scaled down scheme at Tuesley Farm.

01 May 2007

Proposed lease Of Sunnyhill Play Area to Witley Parish Council

Waverley Borough Council is proposing the transfer of the above property to Witley Parish Council in the form of a long lease.

>>>>> Click here to see the proposal.

29 April 2007

Cameron rubbishes borough's waste scheme

Surrey Advertiser, April 27

David Cameron visited Godalming prior to the recent elections, and said the Conservatives would have named days for rubbish collections to stop people being caught out by bank holidays when the days shift. Pressed for his views on the introduction of alternative weekly rubbish and recycling collections, he said he thought it had been rather botched.

28 April 2007


Surrey has established a new service - the Surrey Highways Service - to try and keep the county's potholes under control. The Council has also introduced Community Highways Officers (CHO's). CHO's will work with county councillors, parish councils and residents associations and members of the public to identify what needs doing and to implement a resolution. Anyone who wishes to report a pothole should contact Surrey County Council on 08456 009 009 or visit their website at:

Community feels it is missing a beat
Surrey Advertiser, 20th April

Almost half the people who took part in a Surrey Police survey said they had never seen an officer in patrol in their area. More than 1,600 people were interviewed across Surrey as part of the first Neighbourhood Policing Survey, which will now be taking place every three months.

Editors' note:

Residents of Witley can see the latest Witley and Hambledon Ward Crime Statistics by clicking here >>>>> Surrey Police website.

Our neighbourhood officer is PC Sam Barnett, FIN:2480.
She is responsible for - Elstead, Thursley, Milford and Witley.
You can see her website by clicking here >>>>> PC Sam Barnett

13 April 2007

Plans for public space in Witley

Surrey Advertiser, April 13th

Witley Parish Council would like to obtain deeds to a grassed area on Petworth Road opposite the Star Pub, used in the past for festive occasions and formalise its use for residents.

Green waste proposals could benefit more Waverley residents
Haslemere Herald, April 13th

A trial scheme allowing residents to take their green waste to the Fairground Car Park at Haslemere on Saturdays for recycling is to be extended. Waverley is also looking for a suitable site in Farnham.

10 April 2007

Milford's Farmers' Market


South West Surrey Farmers' Market is held at Secretts, Chapel Lane, Milford on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

10.00am - 1.30pm
Every Third Sunday of the Month:

April 15th
May 20th
June 17th
July 15th
August 19th
September 16th
October 21st
November 18th
December 16th

South West Surrey Farmers' Market Home Page

Lib Dem dishonesty slurs rumble on as council welcomes new MD
Surrey Advertiser, April 6th

One of the Conservative group's more outspoken councillors, Adam Taylor-Smith, has complained that the new Managing Director of the Council would not have been appointed if it had not been for the Tories forcing open the process to candidates outside of Waverley.

Key council strategy must be withdrawn
Surrey Advertiser, April 6th

The Government has directed that one of Waverley Borough Council's key plans, its core strategy, must be withdrawn. One of the main reasomns for its withdrawal is the lack of strategy to deal with special protection areas, which were given greater importance by the government.

Proposals for changes at county's recycling centres
Surrey Advertiser, April 6th

In a bid to encourage residents to recycle more, the county council has announced extra on-site staff, wider range of materials, bins and CCTV cameras to improve security at recycling sites across Surrey. The proposals were announced bu Ian Boast, head of waste management at Surrey County Council.

05 April 2007

Mary Orton: New Managing Director for Waverley

Waverley’s top job of Managing Director has been accepted by Mrs Mary Orton who will join the Council from East Herts Council, where she currently holds the position of Director of Customer and Community Services. In this newly created post, Mary will have responsibility for being the Council's permanent head of paid services, she will oversee some operational services and will take a lead in advising councillors on Waverley's strategic direction.

For more information, click here
Source: Waverley Borough Council Press release

Pushing ahead with recycling centre improvements
Surrey County Council website, 3 April

A host of improvements have come into force at community recycling centres across Surrey, the county council has announced. As of April residents can expect:

  • more on-site staff to provide improved customer service and knowledgeable recycling advice;
  • a wider range of materials bins to recycle even more products; and
  • better security through CCTV.

Concern as "Totters" asked to stop tip "recycling"
Haslemere Herald, 30th March

Surrey Waste Management have employed 30 new staff to replace the unpaid totters who have up until now sifted through the rubbish left at Surrey tips.

Funding reaches winning posts
Surrey Advertiser, 30th March

New oak posts funded by Surrey Hills have been installed at Combe Lane, near Witley station to protect the roadside verge .

Party blows intensify over financial report
Surrey Advertiser, 30th March

Council leaders at Waverley Borough Council have hit back at critics accusing them of financial mismanagement. The two sides continue to trade blows over the audit commissions annual assessment of the borough council.

Waste site struggles to meet demand
Surrey Advertiser, 30th March

Recyclers who attempted to take their glass to a Slyfield community centre were told to take their rubbish back home with them. Glass recycling bins were full to overflowing after the waste centre was overwhelmed with people bringing glass to the site.

Hoppa transport cash boost
Surrey Advertiser, 30th March

Waverley Borough Council has signalled its support for a sustainable community transport system by committing £115,000 to the Hoppa organisation, who provide door-to-door transport for residents who are unable to access other forms of transport.

Recycling reform is a "waste of money"
Surrey Advertiser, 23rd March

Surrey Waste Management is hiring 30 new staff to replace the "totters" who pay a lcence fee to remove and resell on any suitable unwanted items brought to a depot. Jack Lee (the author of this blog) questioned whose pocket the estimated £900,000 cost would be coming out of.

Crackdown on parking at Milford Station
Surrey Advertiser, 23rd March

Surrey Police are targetting motorists who park dangerously close to the level crosing at Milford station.

Passengers voice outrage at SWT's off-peak fare rises
Haslemere Herald, 23rd March

South West Trains (SWT) passengers travelling on the Portsmouth to Waterloo line could be paying up to 20% more from May 20 for off-peak fares. This will be the second above-inflation increase in less than four months.

Top marks for Witley school
Surrey Advertiser, 23rd March

Chandler Junior School has received good Ofsted and CofE inspection reports.

Revised plans spark road safety fears
Surrey Advertiser, 23rd March

Revised plans to build four new homes at the Raynards Garage in Witley has triggered road safety objections, and has been recommended for refusal by Witley Parish Council.

Recycling bank at White Lion pub, Milford

If you have any old clothes or shoes they will be gratefully received by Textile Recycling for Aid International Development (TRAID). Unwanted items are left in the bins are sold and the money is donated to overseas development projects. TRAID operates 850 recycling banks for shoes and clothes across the UK and it collected 3,000 tonnes in 2006, which raised £758,000 for projects in Uganda, the Philippines and Madagascar.

20 March 2007

New sewage system is on Horizon

Haslemere Herald, 16th March

Witley could soon be getting a new multi-million pound sewage system after Southern Water applied for planning permission for the scheme. The main benefit will be to the Hambledon and Wormley areas where many properties have private sewage facilities such as cesspools or septic tanks.

Climate change moves up the council agenda
Haslemere Herald, 16th March

A new sustainability co-ordinator has been appointed by Waverley Borough Council. The co-ordinator will be implementing the Borough's Climate Change Action plan. This includes household waste management and will look at ways of helping individuals to reduce their carbon emissions.

Boost to staff numbers at recycling centres
Surrey Advertiser, 16th March

Residents' commitment to recycling in Surrey has led to the creation of 45 new jobs to help cope with demand.

Double attack sparks new funding appeal for village hall
Surrey Advertiser, 16th March

Witley's Chichester Hall needs a total of £11,000 worth of improvements and repairs. It has recently suffered a double whammy that has added £3,000 to the money it needs to raise. Someone drove into the wall and demolished four metres of old Bargate stone, and then thieves stole original York stone paving. Anyone who can help with their fund-raising should contact committee chairman Nick Strachan on 01428 682361

Audit Commission report finds Waverley wanting
Surrey Advertiser, 16th March

Waverley Borough Council has been criticised for neglecting the needs of some of its most vulnerable residents. The Audit Commission's annual review of the council's performance reveals that during the last year, its system for dealing with benefits claims fell well below expected standards.

Click here to see the Annual Audit and Inspection Letter April 2006

Heavy traffic is bane of village life
Surrey Advertiser, 9th March

Road safety has emerged as a key concern in the Witley Parish Plan. and the parish council has made traffic improvements the top priority in the action plan it has drawn up. Two sections of road have been identified as major problems by more than 50% of those who contributed to the plan: the junction A286 junctions with Gasden Lane and Roke Lane.

Disillusioned voters want less party politics
Surrey Advertiser, 9th March

Waverley's independent councillors have formed the Waverley Independents Network - WIN. The three current independent councillors hold the balance of power between the Liberal Democrats who have 28 members, and the Conservatives who have 26. More information about WIN can be obtained from from Janet Maines on 01252 711271 or at janetvictor@hale19.wanadoo.co.uk

Town Hall Rich List 2007
The TaxPayers' Alliance, 8th March

The TaxPayers' Alliance has today released details of 578 of the most highly paid people in local government – people earning above £100,000 a year in councils right across the country. The full report can be downloaded here.

06 March 2007

Surrey has best council website in the UK

Surrey County Council website
6th March (click link for full story)

The council website has been recognised as the best county council site in the UK. In the recently published Society for IT Managers (SOCITM) survey covering all of the UK’s 550 local councils, http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/ has been rated in the top four, claiming the highest rating for any county council website.

The site, which allows users to access online services from reporting a pothole to applying for a care package or school place, prioritises the services used most by residents - giving clear links from our homepage to news, events, services and the most regularly-visited areas.

Waverley recycling rates
Waverley BC website

Recent provisional monthly recycling rates (2006):
  • 31.7% in August
  • 36.9% in September
  • 36.5% in October
  • 40.9% in November
Their report says:

"This is a big increase compared with 2005/2006 when the overall recycling rate for the year was 24.4%, with composting accounting for 1.7% of the total. We will inform you of the overall recycling rate for 2006/2007 when we have confirmed the results for the whole year.Further good news is because of all your extra recycling we are sending roughly 700 tonnes of waste less each month to landfill than a year ago and roughly 1,000 tonnes less each month than two years ago".

Waverley council meeting webcasts

Did you know that you can watch a recording of the Waverley council meetings?
Click here to see them.

26 February 2007

Meet your Witley councillors on March 31st

Parish Council announcement

Meet with your Parish Councillors and discuss Village matters. See if you want to be a Councillor and consider co-option or standing for election in May 2007. Meeting is between 10.30am and 1pm at the Council Office, Milford Village Hall, Portsmouth Road, Milford.

Milford welcomes their new Vicar
Parish Council announcement

Milford has been without a resident Vicar for about a year and at last a new face is about to enter the Parish Church. The Reverend Clive Potter will be 'installed' by the Bishop of Guildford at St John's Church, Milford on the 26th April 2007.

21 February 2007

Webcast wins top Internet award

Surrey Advertiser, February 16th

Waverley Borough Council has scooped a top European award for the use of Internet technology. eParticipate is an innovative technology that allows Waverley residents to watch meeting where and when they want.

See the webcasts at: www.waverley.gov.uk/Council/webcast.asp

Witley Councillor wanted
Surrey Advertiser, February 16th

Witley Parish Council has appealed for a new member to swell its ranks. Councillor Simon Payne has resigned due to work commitments. Call 01483 422044 for more infomation on how to become a councillor.

Public left bemused by council squabbling over kitchen waste trial claims
Haslemere Herald, February 9

Conservatives have been told to "produce evidence or shut up" over their claims that Lib Dem "incompetence" has meant the borough missing out on a weekly kitchen waste trial. Guildford, Mole Valley and Elmbridge are undertaking trials with Surrey.

Waste collection service complaints
Haslemere Herald, February 9

A working mother of two toddlers has written to the Haslemere Herald, saying that she is unable to fit all of her rubbish in her wheelie bin. After auditing the contents of her wheelie bin, and finding nothing in there that could be recycled, she was told to take her excess rubbish to the tip.

Editor's comment
Are the tips intended to be where you dispose of household waste? If they are, that means that household waste is going to landfill, and Waverley's claim to have increased recycling from to 40% from 22% is partly due to residents taking their domestic rubbish to landfill.

Lib Dems deny ‘incompetence’ over new waste collection trial
Haslemere Herald, February 9

A scheme that would have eliminated smelly, overfilled bins in Waverley was turned down by the borough council, according to the area’s Conservative group. The scheme, proposed by Surrey County Council, would have run a trial period of collecting kitchen waste on a weekly basis. The Conservative group claims Waverley Borough Council turned down the opportunity to take part in the scheme, but environment portfolio holder Victor Scrivens denied they were ever invited to join.

Heat turned up in row over Waverley's kitchen waste
Surrey Advertiser, February 9th

The row over recyclable kitchen waste has escalated with more political muck being thrown about. After an angry outburst by Councillor Victor Scrivens at Waverley's Executive Committee meeting, his Conservative critics have stood by their claim that the borough failed to take the opportunity to join in with a county council funded kitchen waste trial/ Councillor Scrivens maintains that the Liberal Democrat-led Waverley administration knew nothing about the opportunity.

Bravo Victor, don't forget the rubbish
Surrey Advertiser, February 9th

Editorial: Something is rotten in the state of Waverley - and it's not just the household rubbish that has to fester for the best part of two weeks before it is collected. It is also the rubbish spoken in the council chamber. Unhappy councillor Victor Scrivens is obviously feeling the heat over his authority's green credentials which have taken a beating over recent weeks.

Lib Dems deny ‘incompetence’ over new waste collection trial
Farnham Today, February 2

A scheme that would have eliminated smelly, overfilled bins in Waverley was turned down by the borough council, according to the area’s Conservative group. The scheme, proposed by Surrey County Council, would have run a trial period of collecting kitchen waste on a weekly basis. The Conservative group claims Waverley Borough Council turned down the opportunity to take part in the scheme, but environment portfolio holder Victor Scrivens denied they were ever invited to join.

Warbler has a big say on incinerator
Surrey Advertiser, February 2

Surrey County Council has pulled the plug on Wisley as a possible site for a mass rubbish burner after receiving advice on the effect it could have on the Dartford Warbler, an endangered species. SCC Executive member for the environment, Councillor David Munro, has pre-empted any claims from anti incinerator campaigners that the warbler blocking three sites is proof that the burners are a health risk.

26 January 2007

Downing Street petition for the Royal Surrey

It is now possible to petition 10 Downing Street directly by email. If you oppose the closing down of the Royal Surrey Hospital, please go to http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Save-RSCH/ and add your name.

The petition reads:

We, supporters of the Campaign to Save the Royal Surrey County Hospital, call on the Prime Minister to halt the possible closure of and cuts to services at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. The hospital has provided high quality health care to generations of residents from Surrey and the surrounding area, and we believe that the hospital should have an integral role to play in providing excellent treatment for local residents of all ages for years to come. NHS care in our community would be severely damaged by any decision to close or substantially reduce the services available at the hospital. We urge the Government and the Prime Minister not to take this retrograde step and to safeguard the future of the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Drugs den closed down by police
Haslemere Herald, January 26th

A drugs den in Witley has been closed down by Surrey Police in a raid that saw hundreds of cannabis plants seized.

Scathing criticism for fortnightly bin collection
Haslemere Herald, January 26th

A Haslemere resident has complained that whilst he recycles everything he can, bins are overflowing with filth and disease, and rubbish is littering the once tidy neighbourhood. Whilst many of the town's residents are up in arms over the scheme, the council has won praise for its recycling efforts from Ben Bradshaw, minister for the local environment! Waverley claim that in December they sent the lowest amount to landfill in Waverley's history - below 2,000 tonnes - whilst the recycling figures remain at around 40%.

Editor's note - if the 40% rate has remained constant, then this implies less rubbish was collected overall, which ties in with the fact that many Waverley residents did not have a collection for over three weeks in December.

Borough council's recycling figures "absolute rubbish"
Surrey Advertiser, January 19th

Waverley's waste collection service has been branded as "rubbish" despite high praise from government ministers. In December, the lowest ever amount of landfill waste in WBC's hisitory was collected - below 2,000 tons, and recycling figures remained at 40%. However questions were raised about the accuracy of these figures. Adam Taylor-Smith, councillor for Witley and Hambledon, asked whether this had anything to do with many residents not having their rubbish collected for three weeks in December, and whether it included the increased volumes going to landfill from amenity tips.

Police root out drugs factory
Surrey Advertiser, January 19th
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A major drugs racket has been uncovered by Surrey Police following a raid on a cottage in the middle of Witley. Between 300 and 350 plants were recovered from a house on Petworth Road.

Householders should pay to tackle "Europe's biggest rubbish heap" says LGA
Haslemere Herald, January 19th

Britain is Europe's biggest rubbish heap, and families should fork out for excessive refuse collection in the near future. Martin Shorten, Waverley's head of environmental services said "We have no plans to propose or implement pay-as-you-throw, but in the event that powers being made open to us, we would look at very carefully"

Traffic Problems worsen as more waste is dumped
Surrey Advertiser, January 19th

The official figures from Surrey show a dramatic increase in traffic into the Witley site. Since 2002, from May to September traffic movements have increased from around 10,000 a month to 14,000 - an increase of 40%.

Lib Dems rubbish Tory accusations over waste trial
Surrey Advertiser, date?

Council leaders at Waverley Borough Council have hit back at claims that they have missed the chance to take part in a new recycling trial. Conservative members have criticised the administration for failing to sign up to a weekly kitchen waste collection trial which would have been funded by Surrey County Council.